Tünektepe cable car carried the 3 thousand people on the first day

On the first day of the Tünektepe cable car, the 3 carried a thousand people: the Tünektepe Cable Car Project, which cuts the foot of the people of Antalya, on the first day of service, the 3 carried over a thousand visitors to the top. The people of Antalya, who wanted to spend the weekends with the unique view of Tünektepe, created long queues in front of the cable car facility. Citizens visiting Tünektepe first, ım We felt our feet were cut off the ground. We flew like a gull and we were in Tünektepe. Mart

Some took the cable car for the first time in their lives, while others visited Tünektepe for the first time, which they had looked at from afar for years. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to Antalya kazanThe Tünektepe Cable Car Project, which was carried out by him, started to carry its first visitors. Hearing the good news of President Türel that the cable car services will be free for 1 week, the people of Antalya flocked to Sarısu, the starting point of the cable car, to take advantage of this opportunity. Tünektepe with the cable car, which provides service between 10.00:17.00 and 3:XNUMX, hosted XNUMX thousand people on the first day.

Stating that he had visited Tünektepe for the first time, Hasan Uslu said, belirten I came with my family to evaluate the weekend. It was a very nice experience to ride the cable car for the first time. We've never been to Tünektepe before. We could only see from afar, the view was great when we left. I opened the stopwatch on my way out, our journey lasted for 9 minutes 20 seconds. I would like to thank those who contributed E.

Şahin Family, who lived in Antalya for the first time in 21, was among the first to get to Tünektepe Ropeway. Unal Sahin, ese I'm very excited, something spectacular I recommend everyone. The first time I rode to the cable car, Tünektepe'ye also go out for the first time. Selma Şahin said, çok We are excited and very happy. We evaluate the weekend with our children. This is a touristic area, well that's something like that, Bur he said. Zeynep Nur Sahin, who is now 12, expressed his feelings as follows; Orum I've never been to a lift, and I feel lucky to be able to ride today. First I was scared, I thought that I couldn't, but it was beautiful Önce

Uğur Candan stated that Tünektepe Teleferik project has been following closely since construction started and shared the importance of Tünektepe for themselves; Di Tünektepe was a place where we came together with my wife, especially for the full moon nights. As we learned from the internet yesterday evening voyages started, we wanted to be the first ones to go first. I have great interest. We waited in line for an hour and a half and it was worth it. We made a very pleasant exit. We wondered whether there is a tea beverage facility above, the municipality opened a cafeteria right there. People have a chance to drink tea, and then I think we will use it very often. ”Şeyma Candan said that he saw the visuals of Tünektepe, one of the Chairman projects of Türel, and he was very impressed. I hope we will come often. Sık

Price to be applied after free time

Niyazi Kılınç evaluating the cable car, the reasonable price of the cable car, he said. Kilinc said, X The 1 cable car service during the week is free, then there is a very reasonable fee such as 15 TL for two people per 20 TL per person. We were very happy to have started the ropeway service. Getting here by car is a bit delicate. We come out of bends but we can reach Tünektepe very quickly thanks to this cable car. I hope that these services continue. Many thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality, Büyük he said.

Baghdad Çölkesen said, ulaşım We came to Tünektepe with my wife before but we had a lot of problems in transportation. We came with a long journey. We waited for about 2 hours, but we still went up. The first day because there are many people waiting for. I think it was a very good practice Bence

“As our Metropolitan Mayor said, we felt that our feet were swept off the ground. We flew like a seagull and landed in Tünektepe,” said retired Önal Önder, and said the following about the facility and the cable car; “Such a facility in Antalya kazanWe are very happy to have been fired. Such a view, such fresh air is not found anywhere else. It's a very modern cable car, it takes about 9 minutes to go up. There is a wonderful view, I recommend it to everyone. We came for the first time. Many thanks to Menderes Türel. We love Antalya so much, we are in love with Antalya.”

Evaluating the service made Ozkan Kurnaz,, A very different facility, Tünektepe'ye had not been for many years. We looked at the Antalya view from above. The investment is very nice. We would like to thank our Mayor Menderes Türel for our government. When I look at the investments made in Antalya in recent years, I am satisfied, and I continue to live in Antalya because I am satisfied Antalya.

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