Always Passing Trains

Always Passing Trains: General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın's new article in Raillife

We are in the middle of winter s

It is known that this year our country is experiencing heavy winter conditions.

Snow thickness in some regions reached 1,5-2 meters.

We know that we need to work more than ever in this season, when transportation becomes a bitter, sometimes impossible.

Because all citizens from Edirne to Kars, from Samsun to Adana trust the railways in any condition, go to the station and wait for the train.

He wants to catch his train and sail on hot trips in cold weather.

They like to reach their loved ones, meet them at the station and at the stations.

Our citizens, who prefer the train for safe journeys, are first welcomed in the warm places of our stations and stations.

The journeys started in the unique spaces of the stations that do not have postcards continue with the loving trains moving on the steel rails that are kept on the 24 watch with the extraordinary work of the altruistic railroadmen.

In order to realize the journeys in the dreams of our citizens during the cold winter days, we work day and night in all of our railway lines, especially in the Eastern Anatolia Region where the most severe geography conditions exist.

He keeps the tunnels open regardless of the cold going back to the sharp knife, we clean the railway lines from the white cover with our modern vehicles.

With its new mission in the period of liberalization and the responsibility of being a national organization, the State Railways, which have always improved itself in the 160 that it has left behind, will continue to provide the superiority of transition in all conditions.



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