Tram will continue to process clock

The tram will continue to operate: 3 On August 2015, Akçaray was going to move from Otogar to Sekapark with a very glorious ceremony in İzmit today. It did not.
In a large project initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in this city, the term for the completion of the work could not be achieved.
I want all my readers to be sure; The executives of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality also feel embarrassed against the people of Izmit due to the fact that they cannot be given the due date for this very challenging tram project.

On the 3 August 2015, the tramway contractor signed an agreement with Gülermak, and the Metropolitan Municipality worked on the Tram Clock, and the countdown from the 550 day started. O clock continues to operate on the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's official website. We opened again yesterday morning. The work of the tram 1 remained a few hours a day, he wrote.

The clock will be reset in the evening hours. Sure, the tram won't work. Because there's still no way. The other day, met with the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. OK, let's not discuss the reasons for this, but at least remove the downturn from the Metropolitan website. There is a situation where people are being ridiculed. İnsanlar

Secretary General Büyükakın is currently dealing with the health problems of his young son. He's sleeping in the hospital, at his son's. But he keeps track of things. When I said, konu Remove the clock from the Internet site ”, the Secretary General approached the issue differently:

Orum On the contrary, I want that clock to remain, and then continue forward after the time has expired. We will share with the public how much we are delayed. We will deny ourselves. As the clock runs forward, we'll have a little more sharpening of the work as soon as possible and the tram as soon as possible. An

I actually like the idea. The countdown of the tram on the website of the Metropolitan Municipality will end today. The clock will be reset. But from the same time, "Tram project so many days, so many hours delay" will continue to process the clock.

Let's see, when Akçaray will work between Otogar-Sekapark, when will he actually stop when he is counting downwards?

Metropolitan Secretary General Büyükakın has much to say about the delay of the tramway in Izmit. During my meeting with the Secretary General, I made another recommendation:

. When the clock on that internet site is reset, that is, the day before 550 promised that the tram will be working at the following day, but when you cannot run the tram, you can hold a press conference at the point where it starts and apologize to the people of Izmit due to the delay. “

He said they were thinking about it, but they gave up later. Such a press conference, such an apology will not happen. But the Secretary-General is really very upset about it. He said:
Yapmak It's really hard to do business in this city. It's like doing open-heart surgery to an unconscious patient. Such delays have happened before. It took place in Sekapark Tunnel at Sakıp Sabancı Bridge Interchange. It can be in the next big projects. Yeah, it shouldn't be. But it does. We have made the account very realistic while dealing with the construction of the tram road. The work tempo of the contractor suffered. We could have stopped the business and canceled the tender. But the current procurement law is binding our hands. If we were to cancel the tender, there would be a long legal process. It would take a long time to get back to the auction. In this case, the work of the tram would be much more delayed, which would have created a greater distress for the city. Therefore we have endured the contractor. We tried to make it work as fast as possible. That was it. Bu

Secretary General Büyükakın continued:
Acak Trams will run. An important convenience in urban transportation, will bring order. But I'm telling you one more time. When the tram runs Izmit's traffic problem, transportation problem will not be finished. The population growth rate is obvious. Traffic in Istanbul 20 years ago was a problem. They made all these bridges, opened tunnels, passed through the sea under the tube. Today Istanbul is still the biggest problem of traffic. Look at the internet into the roads of Istanbul. Still our place was much more comfortable. If we do not bring the rail system to Izmit, 10 will have to increase the number of existing minibuses in the city after a year. There will be much more traffic problems and transportation problems. Tramway, in order to prevent further growth of problems in the future. But we've had this ordeal in this tram construction. We're so frayed. How do I make a metro in this city? If I try to build a subway, for example, I need to stop traffic between Yenicuma and Fevziye for months. Who can stand the reaction and criticism in this city? Who can afford it. Kim

This is about the tram. After Friday prayer, we were going to watch the trial pass of the tram. Or we had to watch. Not, it's not. Now the clock will stop functioning and start rolling forward. Target 21 April. I think yesterday I visited the route once again, there is a lot more work - this way 21 does not end in April. Prepare for Ramadan after summer.

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