Trade fair Izmir monorail line

Tender time on the fair İzmir monorail line: İzmir Governorship decided that the Environmental Impact Assessment is not required for the 2.2 km long monorail project planned by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Gaziemir between the ESBAŞ station and Fuar İzmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will perform the tender for the project in 2017.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality submitted the Project Introduction File prepared for the monorail that will provide transportation to Fair Izmir by rail system, to the Governorship of Izmir last November to decide whether an EIA is needed. The file has passed the first inspection by format. The detected deficiencies were reported to the municipality. After the deficiencies and opinions of the institution were completed, the monorail file was submitted again to the Governorship on 10 February 2017. The Governorship announced on February 23 that an EIA is not required for the Monorail project.

After this decision, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials will be auctioned within 2017. Monorail 2.2 will carry passengers by providing uninterrupted transportation between İZBAN and the new fairground in the double-trip route. Passengers who want to come to the new fair complex with the air way from the suburbs and Izmir will be able to reach the fair with the monorail system after arriving at İZBAN and ESBAŞ station. Visitors will also be able to use the same system during the fair return. monorail seen examples in the world's developed cities, will be established for the first time in Izmir, Turkey.

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