The trains do not fail thanks to them

Train services do not fail thanks to them: Despite the harsh winter conditions in Eastern Anatolia, train services continue without delay thanks to the Turkish State Railways workers. Railroad workers, who started to work in the early hours of the morning, clean the snow on the tracks, digging the icicles in the tunnels with a shovel.

Haydar Kartal, who has been working as a worker in the Turkish State Railways for 30 years, stated that they have served by breaking the snow on the tracks and tunnels until the evening, and that they do the same work every day so that train services do not fail, Our job is to clean the railroad and ensure that the train services continue without a hitch. Every morning, we open the railroad that comes and closes early and break the ice formed. We break the ice formed in the tunnels with a shovel and do cleaning work. We see that the rails we cleaned the next day were covered with ice in the same way. We repeat the same work on this. ”

He stated that they are doing their best in order not to interfere with the transportation of railways, and he added that the transportation continues healthy thanks to his zealous works.

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