TCDD's subcontractors working on the 4 line project cannot get the benefit

TCDD's contractor workers working on the 4 line project cannot get the benefit: 4 is working for TCDD in the 5 line project in Mersin.

Mersin, Tarsus district of Yenice district TCDD'nın 4'den line of the project Divers, Nuhoglu, Transportation Construction joint venture in the mold and iron work for the subcontractors working in the 4 month and the fuse is not missing and insurers 5 days before the D-400 highway on the grounds left work in the construction site area.

Nuhoğu Construction, connected to the subcontractor of the employees working in the company to the employer 5 can not find their counterparts for days and the police, the gendarmerie forced to be removed from the construction site, he said.

Daily 130 lira wage workers who agree with wages, the minimum wage was invested in the rest of the remuneration was said to be handed over. . Don't come to my door. Only the minimum wage is of interest to me N said the workers, the subcontractor firm themselves “3-5 year after the lawsuit you will receive the minimum wages. You can't take what you can from your hand ın.

On Saturday, the workers who tried to get themselves out of the construction site, including the dormitories, were forced to leave the workers.


Expressing that he came from Adıyaman by thinking that TCDD business will be sound, Hacı Altındağ brought his child with a physical disability for treatment. Describing that he had been treated for his child by taking a loan for 4 months since he could not get paid, Altındağ explained that he had to return the disabled car he bought for his child because he could not pay his money.

Altındağ stated that he would get a thousand pounds of 5, u Half of our family is here in Adıyaman. We withdrew credit card. Big State Railways. We came to him with confidence. The main company solves this problem, ”he said.


Altindag'la Hacı Altındağ who had the same name with himself. 3-4 months, they can not get their money voicing Altındağ, a company on the top of the military-police call to raise themselves stressed.

Altındağ stated that the main employer said lira Don't come to our door Ana, the subcontractor said that 300-400 will get one thousand liras and their receivables are about 270 thousand lira. The subcontractor said to them firstly, ay The parent company doesn't give the money alan, then ında My contract has been terminated “and said that Altındağ wouldn't start until they get their money.

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