10 Piece High Speed ​​Train Purchase Tender Exceeded

TCDD's 10 Piece High Speed ​​Train Procurement Tender took place: 3 entered the tender with 273.2 million from the international group of companies and the Spanish CAF was the lowest. As is known, CAF trains are still used in our high speed train lines. This was followed by the German Siemens AG-Siemens AS with 21 million Euros by a surplus of 349.3.

The tender was made by the General Directorate of TCDD at 30 January 2017 with the credit obtained from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) with the participation of international companies active in this field. The tender with the bargaining method gave the lowest bid with 3 Euro and the Spanish CAF company in the tender held by the international group of companies 273.257.433. This was followed by German Siemens AG-Siemens AS with 349.345.401,91 Euro. The final company is French Alstom and its offer is about 362 million Euros.

According to the CAF company offer, a high-speed train set corresponds to 23,2 million Euros, while the Siemens high-speed train travels around 2,9 million Euros.

The TCDD tender commission is expected to terminate the technical evaluation process first and then evaluate the financial proposal. The tender process will be finalized by the TCDD Executive Board and approved by the IDB Executive Board.

Bids submitted in the tender,

5 company was invited to tender.

In these companies; the conditions for having a train production license capable of speeding up to 300 km per hour, having sufficient knowledge, and having received work from TCDD before. It was also announced that the tender would be negotiated. Invited companies;
-Siemens (Germany)
-Alstom (France)
-CAF (Spain)
-Rotem (S. Korea)
-Bombardier (Canada)

Furthermore, the draft agreement on the 312 million EUR loan approved by the IDB Board of Directors has been submitted to the Undersecretariat of Treasury for approval.

The acquisition of the previously purchased 6 unit of high-speed trains was made by Siemens. Siemens The offer of 244 million 907 thousand 795 Euros included 7-year maintenance and repair works.

Source: Teba News




    1. Everything is good, nice, pleasant ta, where you also need to go to some standardization inevitably REQUEST-CHART! If more than one manufacturer's system is preferred, let's assume that it doesn't pose a problem, since it will initially include the Maintenance-Repair (BO) -service (BOH). And what happens next? Let's assume that BOH times are over and TCDD wants to start giving these services, eg because it is more expensive. One would think: separate spare parts stocks, separate BO expert cadres, possibly different BOH-units / -Users etc will be inevitably involved in a number of different units. Despite the different arguments and opinions and BO philosophies, this will be the case. Therefore, here, logic and economic views and theories to enter, a little 5, 10, 20 year ahead in mind to create a correct strategy is inevitable! It should be our duty to create and release systems that cause problems to our children and our grandchildren. After all, we must not forget that the money spent, the money spent, all of us, the taxpayer money, so if we want, we are the stakeholders of it. These things are bullshit and bad, too serious attempts to pass through arguments from tricks. At the moment, the cheapest offer is not the best and the offer that will take us forward un On the other hand, we have to assume that a serious institution like TCDD is planning and planning this detail in detail.

    2. friends first of all I have a misunderstanding that there is a number of passengers in the caf sets and the number of passengers in the alstom sets are not the same. The passenger carrying capacity of the sets recommended by ALSTOM is exactly the same as the 600-650 passenger.