Turkish Company to make Tanzania Central Corridor Railway Project

Tanzania Central Corridor Railway Project to be Constructed by Turkish Company: The first phase of the "Central Corridor Railway" project in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam-Morogoro line, will be built by a Turkish company together with its Portuguese partner.

Construction Center and Mota-Engil, who won the tender for the 200 kilometer-long line by the Tanzanian Railway Administration, signed the contract for the project at the ceremony in Darussalam. Jasmine ceremony, Turkey's Ambassador to Tanzania Dar es Salaam by the Minister of Transport Eralp Maker has joined the Mbawar.

The Darussalam-Morogoro railway project is planned to be laid within 45 days, while the 30 project is scheduled to be completed within months. Following the Darussalam-Morogoro line, the railway is planned to continue from Morogoro to Dodoma and from there to the northern part of the country.



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