Siemens plans to invest in Bursa

Siemens is preparing to invest in Bursa: Siemens plans to invest in Bursa. After the introduction of the 51 ratio in rail systems, Siemens wants to take part in the tenders. In this context, Siemens aims to make an investment of 80 million Euros in Bursa.

Bursa-based companies visited the production facilities of Siemens and Bombardier, one of the giants of the sector, within the framework of the Rail Systems UR-GE Project. Bursalı companies met with Siemens Sales Manager Christoph Masopust and Bombardier Light Rail Department Division Manager Marcus Pfaff. The steps that could be taken in cooperation were evaluated.

Siemens Sales Manager Christoph Masopust stated that they are preparing a new investment plan to support Siemens' production in Vienna. Masopust, due to the rise of the euro and for other reasons, said the facility has lost its competitive environment. In this context, Masopust stated that they are aiming for a new investment abroad that will support the factory production.

Masopust stated that Bursa is a very important industrial past and that Bursa is accustomed to the repressive production speed of the automotive industry. Masopust also said that Bursa has an important market in terms of rail systems.

Masopust also in many projects such as subway tender in Istanbul 51 percent nativism must be an emphasis by the government of Turkey, then this condition said they need local investors. Masopust, first 80 million euros to Turkey in this framework gave a description of the investment to be realized.

Marcus Pfaff, Head of Bombardier Light Rail Vehicles, said that they closely followed Bursa and mentioned the existence of companies they cooperate with in Bursa. Pfaff recently added that they are open to new cooperation with the companies in Bursa.

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