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It was claimed that after the Metropolitan Municipality of Samsun extended the rail system to Tekkeköy, it filled the minibus lines and called for 'Bus'. Line heads announced they were preparing for a new challenge

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to realize the similar route restriction it brought to minibus lines after extending the Light Rail System to Atakum, after extending the line to Tekkeköy. While it was learned that the Metropolitan Municipality prepared a new transportation master plan, it was claimed that the line owners were called for 'Bus Bus'.

After the light rail system that Samsun Metropolitan Municipality launched between Gar-OMÜ on October 10, 2010, a route restriction was introduced for minibuses and minibuses running parallel to the rail system. The municipality has forbidden minibuses and minibuses to enter between the Port Junction and Shell junction on the Ataturk Boulevard, the center of Ilkadim district of Samsun, and it is a must to return to the Junction for the minibuses coming from the west and the Shell junction for those coming from the east. Metropolitan Municipality has started to operate the eskpress bus line between OMU and Gar despite the reactions of the judges.

After the dolmushians, they expressed their reactions in Atakum and İlkadım many times with their actions. Most of the minibus drivers who took part in the protests were tried and sentenced. Later, some route changes were made in the case filed by the full line owners. In line with the court decision, for the minibus line drivers entering the city center from the west, they were allowed to enter in front of the Governor's Office for those who entered the east direction from the Port crossing to the Fair Street. While many lawsuits filed on routes continued, a minibus driver died in the actions taken.

At the point reached, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, after extending the Light Rail System to Tekkeköy, was claimed to be full and in a new arrangement for minibuses. It was learned that the Metropolitan Municipality prepared a new transportation master plan. It has been learned that the minibus line minibus calls to 'Bus Bus' to the municipality of Canik and Tekkeköy. Metropolitan Municipality accepted the loan demand of 70 million TL for 11 buses and 105 light rail trains from Iller Bank in the city council.

Canik Teknepınar Hacı İsmail Düvecik Minibuscular Association Selahattin Değirmenci said that the Metropolitan Municipality made a call for them as 'Take a Bus'. Claiming that the public buses privatized by the Metropolitan Municipality are on the verge of bankruptcy, Demirci said, “106 public buses are on the verge of bankruptcy. They carry free passengers. Rail System is hurting. It snowed for 5 days, roads were closed. Buses rail system did not operate. Only minibuses worked at that time. In such a case, the Metropolitan Municipality tells us to take a bus. We hear that they are making a transportation master plan. We prepared a transportation master plan. I think they want a second war. We are against top-down practices. We are open to dialogue. ”

Hakan Bektaş, the President of Hasköy Minibuscular Association, stated that they knew that the Metropolitan Municipality was in a new transportation master plan. Bektaş said, “We also hear that they call buses to minibuses, but private public buses are on the verge of bankruptcy. They have been pressing the minibuses for years. We are followers of the subject, "he said.

Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation Chairman Fevzi Apaydin, said they were in favor of solving the problem of the dialogue process. Saying “It is easy to say to buy people a bus,” Apaydın said, “A bus is 300 thousand liras. There is no problem that the rail system can work until Tekkeköy. However, we are against ignoring minibuses and minibuses. Problems should be solved with dialogue rather than what I did. Metropolitan Municipality privatized public buses. When their rights were seized, the tender was held again. Private public buses should eliminate the problems. They are not problems that cannot be solved. The minibus industry was born to meet demands. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has not even built a garage or a social facility regarding minibuses. The problem is not solved only by taking taxes. A meeting should be held and the way of dialogue with everyone should be kept open. Some cases related to Atakum have been filed after the route restriction, the results were taken and some are still ongoing. We are in favor of solving problems through dialogue. I am with the drivers ”.

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