Orkun Group, 3. Airport accelerates construction with extra heavy duty Ford Trucks Series

Orkun Group, 3. Airport construction the "extra heavy duty" is accelerating with Ford Trucks Series: Turkey's leading construction companies in the Orka Group and Ford Trucks and logistics cooperation 3. Within the scope of the airport project, it reached an important turning point. Orka Group, a powerful, efficient and technologically Ford Trucks vehicles will use Turkey's gateway to the world Istanbul is set to become the new airport in the excavation work.

3 to celebrate this great success achieved by Orkun Group and Ford Trucks. Plaque ceremony held at the airport construction site was attended by Orkun Group Chairman İlhan Karadeniz, Orkun Group senior managers, Koç Holding Automotive Group President Cenk Çimen, Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün, Ford Trucks Executive Vice President Ahmet Kınay and Ford Trucks senior management. At the ceremony, the President of the Board of Directors of Orkun Group, İlhan Karadeniz, was presented to Cenk Çimen, the President of Koç Holding Automotive Group.

İlhan Karadeniz: asında We are very happy to work together with Ford Trucks on the development of the sector by establishing a long-term relationship İl

Speaking at the ceremony, Orkun Group Chairman İlhan Karadeniz emphasized the importance of Ford Trucks for Orkun Group; Iyat We joined the 2014. Airport project which started in 3 in the same period with excavation transportation. The conditions in the project are certainly very challenging. In this time race, we decided to progress with our solution partners who would support us and reduce our burden and invested in this direction. Ford Trucks, with its deep-rooted experience and vision, is a brand that has a business partner approach that knows the needs and expectations of the sector very well and offers flexible solutions accordingly. We also enjoy working together in the development of the sector by establishing a long-term relationship with Ford Trucks, which is a very valuable brand for us in terms of domestic manufacturer identity, engineering power and providing fast solutions to the need. As Orkun Group, our promise to our customers and high quality of work is our business priority. In order to maintain this priority, it is important that our business partners have the same vision and discipline. At this point, the Ford Trucks brand shares its products, services and approaches with us on the same road. Therefore, I would recommend Ford Trucks to all my colleagues. Bu

Cenk Çimen: çözüm As Ford Trucks, we produce flexible solutions by taking into account the needs of our customers C

Speaking at the ceremony, Koç Holding Automotive Group President Cenk Çimen said, “As Ford Trucks, we see ourselves as a solution partner and produce flexible solutions by taking into account the needs of our customers. We believe in our brand promise, “Together at Every Load”, and we try to keep it alive in all the products and service understanding we provide. We know the race and challenges very closely when Orkun Group is facing. Mr. İlhan Karadeniz, Chairman of the Board of Orkun Group, clearly defined his need to us in this process. In this way, we have made very serious improvements in our 6 × 4 and 8 × 4 dump trucks. These special vehicles, which we call “extra heavy duty”, facilitated the work of our customers in stronger and more difficult conditions. ” said."

Ford Trucks Construction Series 2016 achieves major attack

Cenk Çimen continued his speech as follows: "Working with Ford since 2010 we realized that we restructure our brand Trucks, its axle, cab and engine was producing Turkey's only heavy trademark. With its products and the services it offers, Ford Trucks has the ability to offer solutions to every market and every job. In the 2016, it showed the market results. Ford Trucks had a huge share of the market share in 14s in a short time and increased to more than 2016 in 28. In other words, 2016 was 10 from every 3 truck sold in 3. In terms of construction sector; urban transformation in our country, 15. With the impact of giant projects such as the Airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Eurasia Tunnel, the sector has gained momentum and its share in the total truck market has reached its highest value in the last 27 year. The segment share, which was 2016 for the previous year, reached 33 at 2016. The engine power and braking performance developed in the construction series that we commissioned in 24 showed its success with the results in the market. As of the end of last year, Ford Trucks' market share in the construction segment increased from 33 to 130%. Within the scope of the New Airport project, we delivered more than 400 vehicles to Orkun Group, in addition to the other companies working on airport construction, our vehicle on 3 has achieved great things in this giant construction. Lighten the burden of our business partners and 7. We also established a service base at the construction site to support them in the airport project. In this huge project that has been competing with time and worked on 24 / XNUMX, our mobile service, engineers and technical teams are ready to support all the problems that can be solved immediately. As a solution partner, we are happy to add value to the work of the companies that choose our brand. We would like to thank Orkun Group, who selects, adopts and invests in Ford Trucks as a reliable business partner in this challenging process of the world's 'largest from scratch' airport. Yan

"Power" rises with Extra Heavy Duty in Ford Trucks Construction Series

The 13 liter Ecotorq engine stands out for its high performance, even in the harshest conditions on the construction site. The new 420 PS engine offers 2150% more traction than the version it replaces with its torque production capacity of 55 Nm. The new 6 × 4 and 8 × 4 vehicles always show high performance thanks to this power under their cabin. Suitable for damper, mixer and pump bodywork, 6 × 4 and 8 × 4 vehicles offer optimum solutions for different usage conditions. In addition, the 12-speed automatic transmission, which offers usage modes suitable for off-road conditions available on request, equipment such as hydraulic auxiliary brake Intarder, which provides advantage in heavy loading conditions, and 7-fold increased braking performance brings new advantages to the Construction Series. In addition, pluses such as the proven 10mm thick chassis with a strength of 500 MPa and a durable rear suspension are preserved.

Next to the heavy-duty construction range, the 420T is equipped with a short bumper and has a new 1842 PS engine. Slightly damper and lightweight dampers, which offer suitable solutions for lighter conditions, complement this wide range of products.

With its expanding product range, the Construction Series, which easily adapts to different superstructures, promises significant improvements in operating costs with its doubled 1.500 hours maintenance interval.

Ford Trucks continues to add flexible solutions to all these innovations in the 2016 MY construction series. In this context, Ford Trucks, which has gone through a series of innovations in 6 × 4 and 8 × 4 dump trucks, is with its customers under very difficult construction site conditions with its “Extra Heavy Duty” vehicles. In addition to reinforced front scissors and rear scissors, monoblock rubber trunion, improved propeller shaft, reinforced fuel and SCR tank protections, car resistance increases for the first time in this product range, while double grip, high tonnage tires are also difficult conditions for Ford Trucks customers. it will become much easier.

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