Mulberry trees were victims of the tram

Mulberry trees were the victims of the tram: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality destroyed 50 annual mulberry trees within the scope of rail laying work at Şair Eşref Boulevard. While the roots of many trees were damaged, concrete was poured into the remaining roots.

The rail laying works that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality started to build on Şair Eşref Boulevard left 50-year-old mulberry trees in danger of drying out. Mulberry trees were destroyed within the scope of Konak Tramway works. In the studies, many trees were taken off their roots. Concrete was poured over the remaining tree roots. Aziz Kocaoğlu had promised that the trees would not be cut after the reactions from environmentalists to the demand for cutting trees, which was on the agenda before. What to say this time was a matter of curiosity.

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Within the scope of Konak Tramway project, which was founded by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2015, it started rail laying works in Alsancak Şair Eşref Boulevard about 1 month ago. As a result of the studies carried out, the necessary attention was not paid to mulberry trees of 50 years. While the roots of many trees were damaged, concrete was poured into the roots of the trees left in the middle. Environmentalists reacted to the events and claimed that trees whose roots were damaged will dry out after a certain period of time. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality faced a new fiasco with the damage of mulberry trees, which was previously brought to the agenda within the scope of the project, and later announced to the public that they saved the mulberry trees from being cut. At every opportunity, it was a matter of curiosity what Mayor Kocaoğlu would say in the face of the tree massacre, who was afraid of the environmentalist investments of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

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