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yandex navigation
yandex navigation

Map updated Yandex Navigation will show you parking spaces: Navigation and Maps, one of Yandex's most popular apps, continues to evolve with new features that make life easier. Yandex Navigation solution brought the problem of finding parking space, which is one of the biggest problems of drivers in traffic. In the first service in Istanbul, Yandex Navigation users will now be able to see the nearest parking places along with current traffic information and alternative routes. Simultaneously with the parking facilities feature, Yandex Maps made an important update covering more than a thousand points in 14 in Istanbul.

So far, users of many "firsts" to introduce the Yandex Maps Navigation, an innovative feature brought to Turkey will further reduce time spent in traffic. Drive to the nearest free destination and indicating the new paid parking "parking places" feature will be experienced by Yandex first time navigation users in Turkey. This offered the use of property in the first phase of the drivers in Istanbul, Turkey will continue to spread towards other provinces, including Ankara in the coming period especially.

Added to the interface when approaching the destination in Yandex Navigation "P" Clicking on the button, users will be able to see whether there are open or closed parking options on the map and whether the parking lots are free or paid.

A total of 5496 parking points, including 1359 paid and 6855 free in different regions of Istanbul, have been added to the map of Yandex Navigation. The 6144 of the parking garages added to Yandex Navigation is open and the 711 is closed. In addition, 1566 parking information that can be parked on the street is shared with the users.

Yandex has updated more than a thousand points on Istanbul map

A comprehensive update was also made on the Istanbul map of Yandex Maps. The total 14193 point on the map has been renewed. The 2862 new path was added to the map while the name of the 2100 street was changed. Also the 1139 road was closed, the speed limits of the 300 road were updated and the driving direction of the 228 road was changed.

Yandex Map Services Manager Onur Karahayıt: “Our biggest goal is to save time in traffic for our users. kazanto climb”

Yandex Map Services Manager Onur Karahayıt gave the following information about new features and updates: “We want to be the most important assistant of our users in traffic by constantly improving Yandex Navigation and Maps. Making life easier by finding solutions to traffic problems and saving time for our users. kazanOur biggest goal is to climb. We believe that the feature of showing parking spaces will also be used extensively. When we look at the examples of navigation applications in the world, we see that a definite solution to the parking problem has not been found yet. We, as Yandex, have shown the agility to offer this feature to our users in Turkey. From this perspective, the parking lot feature has become one of the best examples of our pioneering identity. Simultaneously with the parking spaces feature in Istanbul, we have also extensively updated our Istanbul map to improve the experience for our users.”

Yandex Maps Services Manager Onur Karahayıt, in Turkey in the coming period "first" will be a series of new features to offer more services said they would.

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