MANULAŞ Destroys Identity Photocopies

MANULAŞ Destroyed Photocopies of Identity: During the exchange of electronic cards used in public transportation in Manisa, photocopies and other documents requested from the citizens were destroyed by MANULAŞ General Directorate. Stating that the documents were taken as the MANULAS General Manager Mehmet Oluklu, the documents were excavated by burning in the pit, he said.

MANULAS General Directorate of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the public used in the exchange of electronic cards used in the transport of documents from citizens, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Kirtık Site destroyed. MANULAS General Manager Mehmet Oluklu was followed by the burning of the documents in the excavated pit. Mr. Mehmet Oluklu, General Manager of MANULAŞ, said, N As you know, we carried out the transformation of Manisa Card, which we started in Manisa districts in 2015, at Manisa Center at the end of 2016. 1 As of December 2016, we have accelerated the printing of the cards, but especially in the last days of December, we started to get demand instead of printing cards in front of the dense demands. X

Collected and maintained as received
General Directorate Mehmet Oluklu, who stated that photocopies of population samples were taken in order to keep the citizens from receiving the requests, said, örnek During this period, we have collected approximately 60 thousand applications. We have done their card printing and delivered them to their owners. Then, when we asked what the documents were, we said that we would keep the documents and then destroy them. As you can see, we kept these documents. We've taken as much as we've received, and today we're destroying these documents Ald.

Card applications in progress
Approximately 400 thousand in Manisa, and about 170 thousand people in the center of the cards are delivered to the General Manager Mehmet Oluklu, N Card applications are still continuing in our additional service building. Card printing around the 800-900 is happening daily. Günlük

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