We produce the energy of trams in Izmir from wind

Let's generate the energy of the trams from the wind:Karşıyaka Another important detail is the sources from which the energy of the trams will be obtained in İzmir.

ABK Çeşme WPP Project Coordinator Erman Kaya said that developed countries have started to meet the energies used in rail systems from renewable sources. Indicating that the Netherlands uses XNUMX percent of the energy used in rail systems from wind energy, Kaya pointed out that there is no obstacle to using XNUMX percent wind energy in the tram lines to be commissioned by İzmir. in Istanbul Kabataş Erman Kaya underlined that the Bağcılar Tram Line has approximately the same number of two tram lines in terms of length and number of stops.Kabataş - When we look at the energy use in Bağcılar Tram line, we see a figure of approximately 22 million kWh. In return, we see that they pay an invoice of 6 million lira per year. When we add the two tram lines in İzmir, we will see an amount close to this figure. ”

Noting that 22 wind turbines of 3 MW would be sufficient to produce 3 million kWh of energy, Kaya said, “The cost of each turbine is 11 million TL. In short, with an investment of 33 million TL, we can produce the energy we will use in İzmir tramways from renewable wind energy ourselves. Turbines will not only pay their own investment costs at the end of 5 years, but also add value to İzmir's coffers every year. kazanwill stop,” he said.

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