Cable car coming to Hasankeyf Castle

HasanKeyf Cable Car
HasanKeyf Cable Car

Ropeway Coming to Hasankeyf Castle: It has been built in the district of Hasankeyf in Batman for years, and a great progress has been made in the Ropeway Project, which is frequently brought to the agenda with the news to be made. The first images of the project were revealed, and the first images of the new ropeway project were shared to the highly anticipated Hasankeyf.

Hasankeyf, which is probably the most important historical legacy of Anatolia, will be under water due to Ilisu Dam. However, Hasankeyf Fortress and Kasır Rabi region will not be under water. After the interviews held in the Hasankeyf District Project Meeting at 20 January 2016 between these sections and the new Hasankeyf settlement area, the details for the Ropeway Project of Hasankeyf Castle became clear. There will be a cable car between the Hasankeyf Castle and the new Hasankeyf residential area. You will be able to reach Hasankeyf Castle and Kasır Rabi with the cable car passing over the Tigris River.


With the ropeway project, it is also planned to establish new shops and restaurants in Hasankeyf Fortress. The project aims to continue Hasankeyf tourism.