Transfer of High Heels in Logistics with Gülnihal Yegane

Transfer of LO High Heels' in Logistics with Gülnihal Yegane: There is a woman at the beginning of TRIGRON CARGO LOJISTIK, who provides boutique service with its employees who have many years of experience in logistics sector, organizing various shipments and having logistics law.

Gülnihal Yegane, the founder of TRIGRON CARGO LOJISTIK, which provides logistic service in accordance with the international agreements for the import, export and foreign trade regimes of the companies he works for, shows the difference of high heels in logistics.

In the logistics sector, the difficulties of, being a woman yol, their experiences, their praise and self-narration, in the article, tells the women to happily carry the materials to happiness and to the world more hopeful journey.

Being a Woman in Logistics

If you are coming as a woman you have to succeed in life .. You have to look good for your feet and you must stand upright. First you have to make yourself and then around you happy mal And for the future, you have to raise the spirit and body strong generation who know what you want geliy

I never gave up on all this. Since I know myself, it has always been a trigger for me to learn something new, to apply what I have learned, to see the appreciation of those around me when I succeed. I never stopped, I did not pause…

After studying engineering and business I started with banking which I never said I should do. When I couldn't do my dreams, I continued with aviation. A foreign airline in Turkey to be responsible taught new things every day. One day, my regional manager said, ayrı We have two planes in two different aprons in Istanbul. Both will be broken. We ask you to do the logistic operations of the parts, not the shredding. Par I was thrown into the sea when they said. They say with respect; I learned exactly from his regiment; logistics and customs. Engineers dismantled, I did the organization of packaging, customs and transport. After two months of operation, I avoided staying on the ground and I met with the logic of OL DEME WILL NOT BE! İki. There was drowning in the sea; Opening to the ocean tercih I chose to open to the ocean. At the end of the tenth year I saw two planes, one landing gear and one engine. I was an emergency aid partner for many of the airlines' airplanes, and I became a good carrier agent for carrying cargo.

What was the brand? What was to be known, to be known? Until the fifteenth year of my working life I did not know the content and the deep meaning of the brand definition, but there was always a philosophy, still there. Yap Whatever you do; Do the best! olm sonra Success when you do this, referring to every successful job is taking you to become a brand. It's not just a brand name; the name of the successful work of the name you have always scratched. And after every success, he's always sailed to new destinations.

Five years ago in a meeting abroad, a pilot gan I've been following you for three years Yegane Hanim, I watch your work meticulously. I guess you've never had a problem. Two weeks ago, I was present at the meeting where the general managers of five airlines were present and an important issue was mentioned. Parts had to be delivered urgently and were vital for the airline. Whoever you think you can do, they suggested you. They all know and know you, and you think you're the only one who can handle the problematic job. Üst I had feedback. That's what the brand was for me.

What was the difference with many people doing my job? I made my difference as a woman.

Yeah, I'm a woman,

I'm thinking of many things at the same time because of my creation.

Yeah, I'm a woman,

In a sector dominated by men, I carry out my work with details that are women's thinking.

Yeah, I'm a woman,

Even though I'm so emotional, I'm making a lot of cold-blooded, harder decisions than a man.

Yeah, I'm a woman,

The things I do kazansocial responsibility beyond kazanI do it by thinking about them.

Yeah, I'm a woman,

I find the cause of the problems and produce the solution.

Yeah, I'm a woman,

I can handle any problematic business with magnets in my pocket.

Yeah, I'm a woman,

My son has been active in logistics since my pregnancy.

Yeah, I'm a woman,

I raise a confident, hopeful son and young logistics who are looking forward to the future.

I told you, it's hard or difficult to be a woman. But success comes first, believing; then preparation and planned work. When it comes to believing, preparing and working together, heavy responsibilities and difficulties are replaced by happiness.

Ulu HIGH HEELS IN LOGISTICS la brings women to happiness and happiness to the world in a more hopeful journey.

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