Great Change on the Route of AC03 Bus Line in Antalya

A major change in the route of the AC03 Bus Line in Antalya: The AC03 line on the Aksu-Minicity route was modified.

Buses working on the AC03 line will no longer run parallel to the tram line with the change made by the Department of Transportation. The AC03 line will no longer work between the Airport Junction-Tedaş-Topçular-Meydan-Mevlana.

Here is the new route of AC03:
Aksu-Airport Interchange-Altınova Boulevard-Sinan Mh-Altınova-New Hal-Zeytinköy-Kızılarık-Markantalya-100.Yıl-Education Research Hospital-Bayındır-Medical Faculty-Minicity-Migros

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