Transportation Relaxation Works in Gaziantep

Efforts to Relieve Transportation in Gaziantep: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide comfortable and high quality transportation solutions to citizens in urban transportation.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has extended the stops by connecting two trams in order to meet the increasing passenger demands, increase capacity and provide better service to the passengers.

In order to be able to operate the trams in a sequence and to ensure the arrival and departure of the existing stations, the extension of the stops has been completed and put into service.


The tram line, which was put into service in March of 2011, served in the first year with 1 line, 13 station and 6 vehicle.

2016 line (Ibn-i Sina-Gar, Courthouse-Gar, Burj Junction-Courthouse) continues to serve with 3 vehicles and 32 stations in 28 with the number of vehicles and stations increased each year. service.

As a result of the work done on the tram lines, both the citizens are provided with comfortable transportation service and the traffic density in the city transportation has decreased to a certain extent.

Stating that the tram fees are appropriate, the citizens also expressed their satisfaction with the innovations and thanked the authorities.

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