First Trainings Within The Scope Of The Railway Systems Ur-Ge Project

Kurumsal Corporate Marketing and Corporate Branding Training ler was realized under the guidance of BTSO and the Rail Systems UR-GE Project carried out under the leadership of BTSO.

maximum of International Competitiveness in Turkey Development (UR-GA) in the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, located between the institutions carrying out the projects, activities pace continues unabated. In the Rail Systems UR-GE, where the needs analysis was completed, the first training program was organized for cluster members. Gülderen Somar, the expert trainer, told the marketing and branding tips for the companies. Stating that marketing and branding are crucial for companies to compete on a global scale and increase their commercial activities, Somar said that Turkish companies need to build stronger brands for sustainable growth.

“We aim to increase the number of exporters“
Cüneyt Şener, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO, made evaluations after the training, adding dynamism to the city economy with the works of BTSO. kazanhe said he hung up. Reminding that they have implemented important projects in order to increase the number of exporters in the city, Şener said, “We are increasing the strength of our members in global competition. Our main sectors, such as automotive, textile and machinery, have made important strides in exports so far. We are planning to involve our different sectors in this business with the UR-GE projects and clustering activities we have carried out.” said.

Bursa, which they believe to be the potential, strategically important to move to the agenda of the city's new sectors, indicating that the Vice President Şener, launched in the field of rail systems in the UR-GE project in this regard is of great value, he said. Şener said, aktör Bursa has shown its potential in the sector by producing the first local tramway and has become an actor in rail systems. With our UR-GE project we have initiated, we aim to increase the production in the sector and to export the products produced with it. I believe that we will make Bursa an international brand in the rail systems sector with the efforts of our project participant companies. Gay

“The first stop abroad is Austria”
Rail Systems Within the scope of the UR-GE Project, the first overseas marketing activity will be held in Austria in February. Austrian Business Chamber, Austrian State Railways and Vienna Railways officials will meet with the companies, the bilateral business meetings will be held in cooperation with MUSIAD foreign business people will sit at the table. Within the scope of the program, companies will also visit important companies such as Bombardier and Siemens, and will examine the production areas of companies.

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