Eurasia Rail 2017, 70 10 Country Prepares to Meet Thousands of Visitors

Eurasia Rail 2017, 70 Country 10 is Preparing to Introduce Thousands of Visitors: Eurasia Rail 2017, 70 10 is Preparing to Bring Thousands of Visitors!

Eurasia Rail will be held at 2 4 March 2017 at Istanbul Expo Center. 30 will host 300 participating companies from the country and 70 thousand professional visitors from 10 countries.

The only one in the Eurasian region, the world's largest 3. Eurasia Rail; It is supported by TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ, KOSGEB and UIC in the Turkish Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications and Turkish State Railways. Meetings will be held concurrently with Eurasia Rail and will bring together opinion leaders in the field of sector professionals.

regulating the leading trade fairs in Turkey's leading IT industry companies in Turkey where the group is located between EUFOR - E organized by International Fairs International Rail, Light Rail, Infrastructure and Logistics Exhibition - Eurasia Rail; 2 - 4 2017 is preparing to open its doors for the 7 for the third time. The exhibition, which brings together the products, services and technologies of international manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, aims to host 70 thousand visitors from 10 country as an efficient business platform where rail and light rail professionals come together in Eurasia Region.

Eurasia Rail will host the conference to provide information to the railway sector Eur
Eurasia Rail, which provides the opportunity for professional visitors to meet with the leading manufacturers of the sector, and to closely follow the innovations, will be an important platform for sharing information and experiences with the conference program. Işlen Railway Open Session ”,” Urban Rail System Problems Demiryolu, Geliş New Railway Legislation Demiryolu, Çek Developments in Railway Drawer-Pulled Vehicles ”, unlar Road Maintenance Safety“ and Açık Special Topics in Railways kon will be organized at the conference to be held.

Purchase committees from target markets will be hosted Hedef
The yaratıl Overseas Buying Committees Program yeni, which will be organized in order to create new procurement, business development, new business and cooperation opportunities for the sector representatives in the international arena, will be realized this year with the support of the Ministry of Economy. Hosted by ITE Turkey, purchasing committees will be hosted in the target markets.

Companies that will participate in the fair and direct the sector will share their innovations with the participants Fu
Leading the sector with its successful projects in the rail and rail sector, 300 is preparing to bring its intriguing projects, innovative products and technologies to visitors at the fair.

Eurasia Rail; 2019 will be held in Izmir fair area since UM
Eurasia Rail contributes to the development of the rail system sector and sheds light on the sector; 2019 will take place every two years from the year of the fair in İzmir, which has a wider exhibition area. While exhibiting the latest developments and innovations in the sector at the fair, conferences and seminars with the content of railways and technologies will be organized.

Moris Revah, Group Director of ITE Turkey Shipping & Logistics: ve Rail systems around the world are gaining more and more importance because they are fast, economical, environmentally friendly, safe and modern systems. The investments of European countries are continuing to increase the modernization and carrying capacity of the railways. Among the targets of the Turkish railway sector, 7.500 km high-speed rail and 4.000 km conventional railway, including 13.000 km railway, the total length of the 25.000 km rail is among the plans to reach. In addition, the completion of the renewal of all lines by upgrading the 4.400 km line, the railway transportation share; There are targets to increase the passenger to% 10 and load to% 15 and to complete the liberalization process of the railway sector. Our country is also in search of new markets to increase the export of its production. The Eurasia Rail, one of the three largest Eurasian railways and one of the world's three rail fairs, will contribute to the railway sector and the country's economy. Conference programs to be organized simultaneously with the fair will be an important platform for sectoral knowledge and experience sharing. Fuar

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