TOKI'S ESHOT problem is growing

The problem of ESHOT in TOKI is growing: citizens who suffered harm did not see any benefit of İZBAN transportation but turned to use minibuses. Increased transportation costs citizens, 'dolmusists should erect the statue of Kocaoglu' reacted by saying

The arrival of IZBAN for residents of TOKI residences located in Bahçelievler neighborhood has returned to the retaliation. TOKI residents who do not see any benefit of İZBAN line are having a hard time because of the problems they cause. Citizens who are doomed to use IZBAN due to the abolition of the ESHOT bus route 809, which passes through TOKI residences, are both time and cost damages. For citizens of Bahçeli Houses, it takes more than an hour before they arrive in Sarnic, where they reach 30 minutes. Due to the end of the 90 minutes, transportation costs are doubled.


Cahit Yaman, who made a statement on behalf of the citizens living in TOKİ, said, ot We used to take the bus 809 and were in Sarnıç half an hour later. Now we are going to Beet with the transfer bus, we are waiting for the train there. Then we are transferring to İZBAN. It's an hour before we arrive at Cistern. Also, we have to pay twice. Due to the loss of time, students are late for school. Because we pay twice as much, we're economically damaging. High school students are paying 6 pounds per day. It's not like you can afford it. IMM listen to this voice. Our victim is very big, Mağ he said.


Citizens who wanted the return of line 809 removed with the start of IZBAN flights did the action. The citizens who had previously signed the petition submitted the petitions to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In the past few weeks, citizens have again issued a press release, and this statement has been included in the newsletters of many national television channels.




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