Tramway in Bostanli

The tram impasse in Bostanlı: The 6345, 6346, 6347, 6348 streets leading to Cengiz Topel Street due to the tram line built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality have become dead ends. Environmental residents reacted to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which turned the streets into a dead-end street by placing a mobile barrier. Moving barriers placed at the beginning of the streets are lowered between 24.00 and 10.00 during the day, and removed again during the day.


For this reason, Cengiz Topel Street is closed to traffic all day long while secondary roads turn into a dead end.
Roads closed to traffic during the day are open to traffic at night. Citizens, on the other hand, want Cengiz Topel Avenue to be opened to traffic as one way.

Citizens who stated that there is enough space for pedestrians besides the road that vehicles will use, said, “We want Cengiz Topel Avenue to be opened to traffic in one way. There is enough space on this street outside the pedestrian sidewalks for vehicles to pass. With which logic the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality opens this street to night traffic and closes it during the day. We do not understand. As these streets have become dead ends, we are experiencing great problems and grievances, especially during the day. Car drivers who do not know that the streets are dead ends have to go backwards. This causes accidents. We want Cengiz Topel Avenue to be opened to traffic in one direction for the radical solution of this problem. ”

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