Eurasia Tunnel Istanbul's New Center of Attraction

Eurasian Tunel
Eurasian Tunel

Eurasia Tunnel Istanbul's New Center of Attraction: Mustafa Ceceli, who won acclaim for his songs, sang the Eurasia Tunnel for the clip of Mustafa Precious ğeni. Part of the clip at the deepest point of the Eurasian Tunnel at 106 meters, Ceceli, also shared some photos of the work with social media accounts.

The Eurasia Tunnel, which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on December 20, 2016, has started to become the center of urban transportation in Istanbul and daily life. Famous singer Mustafa Ceceli chose the Eurasia Tunnel to shoot a part of the clip he prepared for his new song "Kıymetlim", which he performed with duet Irem Derici. Mustafa Ceceli, who came to the Eurasia Tunnel with a crowded shooting team, made video clips without interrupting transportation thanks to the security measures taken. Ceceli preferred to shoot some scenes of the clip in the Eurasia Tunnel in the area that is the deepest point 106 meters below the Bosphorus.

Gorgeous shooting under the Bosphorus's 106 meter

Ceceli then shared the photo he took in the tunnel with his friends and the Eurasia Tunnel Management Team from his social media accounts. Ceceli thanked everyone who contributed to the tunnel. Also, “It was a great experience to shoot 106 meters below the Bosphorus in the Eurasia Tunnel. 7/24 service starts this morning. Thank you to everyone who contributed. ” shared his note.

Only 5 intercontinental journey per minute

The Eurasia Tunnel, which serves between the D100 Highway on the Asian side and Kennedy Street on the European side, has reduced the travel time on this route to a minimum. Thanks to the route that has been streamlined by the improvement of the connection roads, those who use the tunnel complete the intercontinental journey in approximately 5 minutes. The Eurasia Tunnel is getting more and more attention with its 24 hour service.



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