Antalya Passed the New Era in Public Transportation

Antalya is in a New Era in Public Transportation: With the application implemented by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, only 5 meters of buses serve in 12 central districts of Antalya, while minibuses started to serve only remote areas.

A new era for public transportation has started in Antalya. Uniform buses started to be used in the city center. On the first day, 357 12-meter buses took to the roads.

The new era in public transportation, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality calls 'revolution', has started as of today. The use of uniform vehicles in public transportation, which has been on the agenda of the Antalya public for a long time, started on the morning of February 1. Midibuses that have been used in the city center for years will no longer be used in public transportation. Public transportation will be provided by uniform 12-meter low-floor buses.

Antalya Esnaf Transportation Inc. President Mehmet İnce said that 357 buses depart on the first day. Stating that the number of vehicles is not enough yet, İnce said that although some tradesmen have paid their money, they have not received their vehicles yet. Noting that 50 more tradesmen will receive their vehicles in the near future, İnce stated that the tradesmen usually buy second-hand vehicles. İnce, “Our number of vehicles will be completed by the end of February. In our opinion, 501 buses should provide transportation, but according to the research conducted by Metropolitan, 420 vehicles will be sufficient. There are no serious changes in routes. "There will be no buses to some areas, so the flights will continue from nearby places."


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel made a statement from the social media account for the new period. Türel, many municipal employees for the new period spent the first day of sleepless passed. Species, except for minor exceptions in the lines, indicating that the Türel, said:

“We have trusted our shopkeepers since the very first day when we decided that vans would remain in the dusty leaves of history and said that we would go on this journey together. We persistently put our effort into keeping them in the system. He has kept up with this change by showing all kinds of sacrifices in our trades and has been with us. Now showing examples of this revolution in every province in Turkey had a single purpose. Problems with our modern nurses in more modern and comfortable vehicles to benefit from public transportation. Although some of our tradesmen have difficulties in supplying their vehicles due to the demand intensity, the waits at the stops will decrease even more within a few days by coming their vehicles. ”


Stating that citizens will not be able to overcome if they support them, Türel said, “Antalya is suitable for environment-friendly modern stylish buses with disabled ramps. We would like to thank everyone from our Metropolitan transportation staff and managers to all our driver brothers, to our transportation shopkeepers, to the Chamber of Buses, Pamfilya A.Ş. Nobody should worry. New systems and buses will be good for Antalya in public transportation. ”




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