Veteran of the Abdülhamid Khan Steam Locomotive

the abdulhamith
the abdulhamith

Abdul Hamid Khan veteran steam locomotive: Abdulhamid Han period came to Turkey and is the oldest steam train in Turkey, waiting for new projects. The historical train that is displayed in front of the Atatürk Vocational and Technical High School Rail Systems department is expected to be used to contribute to the tourism of the city.

Sivas, which has made a name for itself in every period of history, has an important place in the history of the country's railway history. Have a say in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey during the period beginning on the breakthrough in extending the railway to Sivas, today also carries the imprint of those days. in Sivas, the number 1872 33508 steam train traffic in the distinction of being the oldest steam train in Turkey. Previously located in front of the Sivas Train Station, the historical train is now being exhibited in the garden of Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Rail Systems department. Train System history, providing information about the train teacher Mustafa Yuvacı, '' This train is on the traffic 1872'de. It is built in Austria at the time of Abdülhamit. In 1860 130 kilometer Izmir Aydın railway line was established. After that, the railroad is given importance. Especially during the time of Abdülhamid, railways were given great importance. The Hejaz railway was founded at that time, trains to Istanbul, Kayseri were at that time. And this train also worked on these lines. It carries coal in Izmir region until 1930. In Turkey, the oldest steam train is intact. There is another, but this is the oldest standing train. There is a steam train used in film industry in Eskisehir, '' he said.


The history of Sivas's railway should be added to the tourism sector, while the historic locomotive is expected to contribute greatly to this kind of work. Period, only locomotives produced in England and France in Turkey, Sivas Traction steam locomotive was produced in the workshop. The second name of the steam locomotive was Bozkurt and it was produced in Eskişehir with the name of Karakurt. Emphasizing that these values ​​should be used, some circles emphasize that a railway open-air museum in Sivas will contribute to the city.

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