3. Flash claim for the airport: Dutch firm filmed

3.Hardware company in the field of the application of the Dutch firm was shot

Northern Forest DefenseAccording to the news on the website: As we have highlighted in our objections, explanations and the report we have prepared regarding the 3rd airport, this project is not a transportation project; As stated in the EIA reports of the project, we have always stated that it is a real estate-construction project that will concrete the Northern Forests. The massive land allocated to the 3rd airport project, as well as the projects announced by the authorities, especially the members of the Consortium, to the region are the main proof of this. As a matter of fact, the third airport project under the name of "Airport City" will be showcased at MIPIM 3, the world real estate fair that will be held in Cannes on March 3-14.

After the closed capital with real capital and real estate / construction companies, Ä ° stanbul's luminaires have been involved in projects undermining the Northern Forests, while the citizens of this country are able to n are unaware of decisions concerning the future. 3 at first as citizens of the country. the airport project, including the project life of the project from the locations of the project does not even know a lot of times; but with the help of multi-star architects (!) in their own countries, environmental actors who can not easily realize projects of violation of an environmental / natural massacres and life rights, Northern Forests â € ama ™ The project grants all details from all the projects they have prepared!

One of these companies is a Dutch construction / real estate company that will read the story of the application below. The credit agency Atradius Dutch State Business (ADSB) is implementing 2016 in the year to take and insure a loan to this company project that we do not know about which project we want to implement. In ADSB, we passed 3 with KOS in October. contacted the airport about the project. The meeting we had with ADSB officials in Ä ° stanbul included the damage of the project on the ecosystem of the project, job killings in the project, the impact of the project on the city and the city, and the project did not progress in a transparent manner. 3 will mean that you will Ä ° stanbul's massacre by expressing our objection in a number of ways. We have indicated that there is no other way of not making the airport. In the past month, we also received news that pleased us: the company has announced that it is likely to be withdrawn from the project as a result of its denial of credit support. ADSB, ethically required by this company, the nature and location of the project was not shared with KOS.

We are KOS pleased with that this geliåÿ to the public while the ADSB arasä ± n in irtibatä ± who hollandalä ± NGO Botha endsâ € ™ s 6 Å February on 2017 sã¼re㧠engraver ± n the information in Virgo on the subject punkt ± n aã§ä ± klamasä ± We're sharing below.

Ä ° Istanbul does not have Dutch public support for the new airport

The country is located in the outskirts of Istanbul, the Northern Forests, the city's largest airport and the largest airport in the world. Local communities and NGOs oppose the project that destroys the grounds and violates fundamental human rights and rights of local communities.

In 27 January, the Dutch export credit agency Atradius Dutch State Business (ADSB) has announced that a Dutch company has withdrawn an application for export credit support for this controversial mega project. ±.

The non-governmental organization supports the North Forestry Defense (KOS), local communities and Dutch support points XminY and Both ENDS are pleased to develop this. The figures are hoping that the company's projection will allow the public to listen to the concerns about this mega infrastructure project.

Social and environmental hazards

In August of the 2016 year, Atradius DSB, working for the Dutch government, announced on its website that it had assessed an application for export credit support for Istanbul's new airport project. This project has been classified as a project with potentially high social and environmental risks. Following the sharing of this information with KOS, KOS, with the project of representatives of Atradius DSB who visited Istanbul in October on 2016. related concerns reported.

First step

ininI welcome this news as a movement for the preservation of Istanbul's natural environment, œ says KOS. The fear effects of the destruction of Istanbul's Northern Forests in the report prepared in March on the 2015 We have concluded that it will be. Watersheds, lakes, rivers, bird paths, forests and people living in and around Istanbul will be affected. The people of the region face forced evictions and the threat of displacement. The withdrawal of the application is a positive first step, but we will cover our project against the airport project.

Accidents and financial risks

Another critical issue point of KOS is the lack of safety measures. In the project so far the truck truck drive has almost died as a result of the work accident of the 100 laborer. Thousands of trucks, at night, bring sand, cement and debris in the project area. KOS buttermilk ± ca uã§uåÿ gã¼venilirliäÿ and elveriåÿliliäÿ the (meteorological koåÿul are gã¶ã§ financing kuay and soil that ± sÄ ± from the stems ±) and the project's financial risks aã§ä ± sÄ ± from are iåÿaret extremely serious problem. The KOS Report, which also provides financial stability assessment for Turkey's general and airport projects, is very likely that the airport's probability of bringing a significant income in the short term is very low.

Other companies can also be attracted

Niels Hazekamp, from Both ENDS says: â € œDuring the withdrawal of KOSâ € ™ s concerns from the Dutch company's identity nor the reason for the withdrawal of the application, We believe that jobs will enable Dutch exporters to re-view their involvement in the airport project. We hope that the withdrawal of this application for export credit insurance will also encourage other companies to re-evaluate their role in the project.

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