Free internet service in Diyarbakir, Municipality buses

Free internet service in the city buses: In order to provide comfortable and high quality transportation service, the Metropolitan Municipality has expanded its fleet.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work to provide better quality and comfortable transportation services to citizens. Continuing to expand the fleet of vehicles, the Metropolitan Municipality, citizens of public transport buses mobile phones, tablets and computers to benefit from the internet has launched work.

Internet service on 25 bus

Having completed its infrastructure works with Türk Telekom in January, 6 started to provide free internet service to its citizens on WiFi via 25 bus on the line of Dicle University. Launching the WiFi application for testing purposes in the 25 vehicle, the Metropolitan Municipality is working on the use of the system in all public transport services throughout the city.

Mobile charging unit installed in 10 vehicle

In addition to the WiFi application, the Metropolitan Municipality established a mobile charging unit in the 10 public transport. With mobile chargers, citizens can charge their electronic devices free of charge during the journey.



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