YOLDER Chairman of the Board Polat, Tax Reduction in Collective Bargaining Agreement

YOLDER Chairman of the Board Polat, Collective Bargaining Agreement should be tax deduction: Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) Chairman of the Board Özden Polat, Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Government to sit on the table of the authorized union, taxpayers to pay the tax deductible also asked the civil servants to work for them to benefit. Transport Officer-Sen İzmir Provincial Divan Meeting Polat said,, One of the most important issues on the agenda of the employees is to reduce the tax burden. Our government announced that tax deductions will be made for those who pay their taxes regularly in 2017. As a taxpayer, it is evident that there are no people who pay their taxes more regularly than civil servants. YOLDER collective bargaining agreement between the Transport Officer-Sen, the priority request of the tax cuts of civil servants, '' he said.

Transport Officer-Sen's corporate structure to reach more employees who work to reach more Polat, civil society organizations in the dialogue with the union thanked for their work.

TCDD 3 Regional Directorate Alsancak Cultural Center 11 February 2017 Saturday attended the Provincial Divan Meeting with Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen, Vice Chairman Ümit Aydın and Tümer Gümüş, İzmir Branch President Ahmet Özdemir and branch board members of the AK Party, Izmir deputy, Justice and Environment Commissions Member Kerem Ali I, AK Party 24.Dönem Izmir Deputy Rifat Sait, TCDD 3.General Director Selim Koçbay and circle supervisors and representatives of many non-governmental organizations participated.


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