3. Bridge-xnumx.havaalanı-Halkalı Railway's EIA process started

  1. Bridge-3. Airport-Halkalı Railway's EIA process has begun: The 3rd Bridge - 3rd Airport - on the new route of the Ministry of Transport Halkalı The Çed process was passed for the High Speed ​​Train Line. The line with a total length of 62,5 Km is planned to be completed in 18 months.

Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of State Railways Management, 3rd Bridge - 3rd Airport - Halkalı He published the final project introduction file of Railway.

3. Bridge - 3rd Airport - EIA process started Halkalı The railway will connect the districts of Sarıyer, Eyüp, Arnavutköy, Başakşehir and Küçükçekmece. The 18rd Bridge - 3rd Airport - which is planned to be completed in 3 months Halkalı While the length of 19 tunnels of the Railway Line was specified as 34 kilometers, the length of 16 viaducts was 7 kilometers, the total length of the project was determined as 62,5 kilometers.

3.Köprü- 3.Airport- Halkalı fast train route 3. After stopping at the station designed within the scope of the airport, it crosses the North Marmara Motorway by way of a tunnel that leads to the south and has the 020-06 Control Cut No. Fatih-Çilingir-Hacımaşlı-Şamlar from the west of the settlement, Sazlıdere dam Lake and the east of the Small Till Lake, still open to operation ÇHalkalı The railway station ends at the entrance.

The entire project route was planned within the borders of Istanbul Province, and it was designed as 2 line for arrival and departure. In the railway line, the distance between the lines is planned as 4,5 meters and the platform width is 14,5 meters. 3. The Bosphorus Bridge - 3. Airport - Halkalı The Railway Project passes through “Forest Area, Agricultural Area, Pasture, Rural Settlement Area, Wildlife Development Area” in the 1 / 100.000 scale Environmental Plan.

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