22 bus delivery from TEMSA to France

XSAX bus delivery from TEMSA to France: TEMSA buses continue to be a favorite of French transporters

Temsa bus market leading brand in Turkey, also running from success to success in export markets. XSAX exports to the country, TEMSA, which is one of the most powerful markets in France continues to increase the number of buses. In 66, TEMSA delivered 2016 buses to France and started 179 fast and delivered 2017 bus to France in January.

TEMSA aims to surpass 5 in France

TEMSA International Sales and Marketing Director Kadri Özgüneş stated that they are moving forward to the traditions of 5 in France bus market. Led TEMSA buses continue to be a favorite of French transporters. In January, we were able to sell an 22 bus, which we can express as a significant number of sales in the French market. The level of sales in January is the most important indicator that we can exceed the sales volume of 2016 in the French market in 179. With the deliveries we make, we are making sure that the number of buses serving on the French roads exceeds the number of 5. TEMSA continues to offer the most suitable vehicles to the markets as well as abroad in the country as well as to customer needs and continues to add earnings to business partners in the business process. TEMSA's Turkish workers and engineers work with the production and labor of buses today in the world's 66 is serving. As in the past, TEMSA will continue to be one of the proud brands of our country. ”

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 15:48

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