National NHT to Win 2.5 Billion Dollar to Economy

National NHT Will Make $ 2.5 Billion in Economy: The domestic YHT 2018 announced by Transport Minister Arslan will be on the tracks until the end. 350 km to reach speeds yht'n native to Turkey's economy is expected to contribute 2.5 billion dollars.

National ship, national car, national aircraft, the Minister of Transport, Ahmet Arslan, "Ureterek, we will sell to countries in the region," said the National High Speed ​​Train (YHT) for the work continues at full speed. Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry (TÜLOMSAŞ) at the end of the National yht'n 2018 will be the prime contractor and is expected to be on the rails. For the national train, institutions like Aselsan and TÜBİTAK are also working.

350 Speedometer speed

Three years ago the first introduction of the National YHT, 350 km will go quickly. In addition to Aselsan, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and private sector companies also play a role in the project, which TUBITAK contributes to R & D. In the first phase, the ratio of prototypes to be produced with 53 localization rate will be increased gradually over 80. National YHT will contribute 2.5 billion dollars to the national economy.


Turkey, until the rail sector in 2023, as well as producing products with national design aims to sell around the world to one side. Minister Ahmet Arslan being the first feature to Turkey earlier in the day by visiting the plant in Eskisehir The contractor fully participated in the promotion of domestic TLM6V185 diesel engine. Ahmet Arslan said in his statement here, “We will make YHT both nationally and locally ourselves. We will not be content with using it in our country. We will export to the geography we are in, even to all parts of the world, originating from our country. ”

Step will become indigenous

Minister Arslan stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım have big goals set within the framework of their belief in the people of the country. While the new 96 YHT set for this industrial cooperation program under yht'n of Turkey in making Arslan to give the information that they put the relevant specifications "The first 20 we will get outside, then tap, tap, TULOMSAS more will take place and the final 16 in production he will do it one hundred percent himself. However, after we do not settle for this and become able to do YHT, we will make YHT, which is ready for prototype, both nationally and locally. ”

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