Tramway Works in Izmir Defeated Traffic in Alsancak

Tramway Works in Izmir Defeats Traffic in Alsancak: When the schools were on a half-term break, the laying of railways, which had a negative impact on the traffic of Çankaya, Alsancak and Konak which is the most troubled part of the city in terms of car traffic and parking, started on 21.01.2017 (Saturday). Tramway work started at the end of the week disrupted traffic in the city center on the first working day of the week

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Mansion and KarşıyakaThe closure of the 460 meter road between Lausanne Square and Hocazade Mosque due to the Tram Project in Istanbul caused traffic congestion. Tram works started on Saturday, and the first working day of the week upset the traffic in the city center. Transportation, with the closure of the road is provided as the arrival and departure of the opposite lane, the citizens of the situation rebelled late.

The 460-meter road between the Lausanne Square and the Hocazade Mosque, which is one of the busiest streets in the city center of Izmir, was closed with construction site boards and the opposite strip was divided with plastk barriers. Metropolitan teams on the way off, excavations with cranes and tree branches pruning work. Vehicles running on the road in the first hours of the day to go in one lane vehicles created long queues. While it was learned that the road laying works would last for approximately 2 months, traffic signs were placed along the road in order to prevent possible traffic accidents.

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