Trabzon Light Rail Line Line Etap Phase

Trabzon Light Rail Line Line Etap Phase All will reach the coast. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu stated that many projects for Trabzon were over and the ones to be done were also discussed.

The rail system is open to development The light rail system, which states that the President Customs, said: ığ We are currently running the rail system project. Significant periods of funding are needed to implement this project. Therefore, we will evaluate the first stage between the airport and other regions outside these station units. According to the project, the rail system is up to Akcaabat and Yomra. But from there to the right stage of the whole coast depending on years and financial resources will have the chance to apply to the field, '' he said.

Minibus drivers worry about the rail system project in Trabzon ministers will not lose income underlining the President of Customs Customs, "Kanuni Boulevard with the introduction of the south lines and other lines of the city will not be lost to the need for minibuses. So we do not have the conviction that the winnings of the minibuses will fall back. According to the accounts we have increased the demand of the passenger. When I started working after 2009, 1 was traveling a thousand times a day in 42. Now we see that the number of daily trips has increased much more. Therefore, as a tradesman in the minibus line is a lack of employees, gediği or loss of income is made with the statistical data that will be in front of us, minib he said.

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