The difference in trust in Diyarbakır tram project

The difference of trust in Diyarbakır tram project: In Diyarbakır, trustees are making the light rail project that HDP municipalities have not been able to realize for 20 for years. With the efforts of Deputy Governor Cumali Atilla, the traffic of the city will be significantly relieved with the 14 kilometer rail system.

The light rail system project promised by Diyarbakır's former Metropolitan Mayor Osman Baydemir and Gültan Kışanak, but could not be implemented, is finally being brought to the city. The light rail system, which HDP municipalities, which have been ruling the city for twenty years, could not make and which was put before the citizens as an election promise in every election, was resolved by the trustee in two months. As a result of the intense efforts of the deputy governor Cumali Atilla, who was appointed as trustee to the Metropolitan Municipality by the Ministry of Interior, a light rail system is being built in Diyarbakır, where the population is close to 1.5 million. The rail system project, the first stage of which is planned to be 14 kilometers, was also approved by the Prime Ministry.

As a result of the initiatives of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cumali Atilla, there will be a significant relief in the city's traffic with the rail tram system that will relieve the city traffic. The rail system, which will consist of 18 stops, will start from Dağkapı in Sur district and end at the Training and Research Hospital in Kayapınar district. In the rail system where 30 wagons will work at the same time, 3 wagons will be ready for emergencies. Special insulation will be made around the rails in order not to damage the historical walls. Stating that the rail system will significantly relieve the traffic of the city, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cumali Atilla said, "The rail system will be made in two stages".

Within the scope of the Diyarbakir transportation main plan project, the district of Yenişehir Ekinciler Avenue was closed to vehicle traffic and Atilla said there would be a single rail system and said, “We have a project of pedestrianizing Ekinciler Avenue within the scope of the main transportation plan. Alone tram will pass through this street. We will purify the area on Ekinciler Street from vehicle traffic ”.


Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cumali Atilla said, “The first stage, 14 kilometers long rail system, will start from Dağkapı and reach the Training and Research Hospital. 2. The stage will go from Diclekent junction to 500 houses direction. Within the scope of the transportation main plan, the parking lot in the city center includes long-term projects in the form of traffic problems. The rail system also relieves the traffic problem of the city at a significant rate. ”

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