İZDAN regulation on TCDD trains

TCDD trains İZBAN regulation: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD jointly established the number of expeditions in İZBAN after tightening TCDD also made arrangements for their own trains. All trains to Alsancak were directed to Basmane. After that, the new center will be Basmane.

Izmir, 350 thousand passengers carrying the backbone of the transport has become the backbone of the new year in İZBAN was made. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD in partnership with the establishment of the railway after the establishment of İZBAN, Aliağa-Menderes (Cumaovasi) and Menderes-Torbalı (Tepeköy) began between the direct flights. TCDD also rearranged TCDD while İZBAN increased its frequencies and shortened waiting times.

The movement locations of the trains to the Alsancak Railway Station and Basmane Railway Station of TCDD were changed. The trains arriving directly to Alsancak Station from the North of the city, namely Uşak, Kütahya, Balıkesir, Soma and Eskişehir, were directed by the new arrangement at Basmane Station. According to the regulation, it was decided not to introduce TCDD trains to Alsancak. In this context, passenger trains from the North Axis will stop at Halkapınar.

Those who want to come to Alsancak will use İZBAN. İZBAN will be the transfer center for both metro and TCDD trains.

On the other hand, the trains of Ödemiş-Tire, Söke, Aydın and Denizli from Basmane will continue their work in the same way. 15 train arrivals to Alsancak will be directed to Basmane with this application.

TCDD officials stated that Alsancak station would be relieved with the new implementation, and said that trains would perform maneuvers in Hilal and Halkapınar in order not to cause congestion in Basmane. The arrangement was made for İZBAN trains.

In addition, the unions in the TCDD also said that additional trains brought to Basmane would cause overload on the tracks and there would be confusion on the train routes. At the same time when the train arrives to Halkapınar and Hilal region, there was no place to find train sets.

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