İZBAN Setting from TCDD

İZBAN Adjustment from TCDD: State Railways changed the departure places of trains coming to Alsancak Station and Basmane Station. Trains coming directly to Alsancak Station from Uşak, Kütahya, Balıkesir, Soma and Eskişehir regions were diverted to Basmane Station according to the new arrangement. It was decided not to let trains belonging to TCDD to Alsancak Station. In this context, inbound passenger trains from Uşak, Kütahya, Balıkesir, Soma and Eskişehir will stop at Halkapınar.


Those who want to come to Alsancak will provide transportation with IZBAN. İZBAN will become a hub for both metro and TCDD trains. The trains of Ödemiş-Tire, Söke, Aydın and Denizli from Basmane will continue in the same way. The 15 train to Alsancak will be directed to Basmane.


TCDD officials stated that the new application will relax Alsancak station and to do not cause congestion in Basmane trains will perform maneuvers in Hilal and Halkapınar. Authorities noted that the arrangement is set for İZBAN trains while the unions in TCDD said that additional trains brought to Basmane would cause overload on the tracks and there would be confusion in the train services.

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