Mayor of Tarsus Can Request Support for High Speed ​​Train

Mayor of Tarsus asked for support for the high speed train: Mayor of Tarsus Şevket Can met with members of the press due to 10 Ocak Journalists' Day.

Mayor Sevket Can and the deputy mayors participated in the program organized in the Mobile Restaurant.

Celebrating the Journalists '10 January Journalists' Day, Mayor Can thanked journalists for being a hard and important profession and for their devoted work.

Celebrating the new year, President Can said, tem We hope that the new year, which we celebrated last week, will bring a charity to our country, our hometown and us, there is no martyr news, our brotherhood will be strengthened, and there will be no problem in our country about our country and flag layan.

Noting that Tarsus was faced with a flood disaster, Mayor Can said, “Unfortunately, our city and our region faced a flood disaster last week. Thank God there was no loss of life in our region. Only on the Tip and Ear side our farmers suffered. I hope our elders will stand with our farmers who suffered from this flood disaster. At the same time, the roads in the Taurus were closed due to heavy snowfall. Thank God, as a result of the 7/24 work carried out by our metropolitan municipality, us and Çamlıya and our municipal teams, they prevented the road from being opened and any loss of life ”.

Mayor Şevket Can stated that they will be exhibiting the F4 fighter plane to the Tarsus people. D We brought our F4 fighter plane to the park which was built in the name of Bahacı Şahin, the martyr of our martyrs, in the neighborhood of our martyrs. I hope the 1 week in the service of our fighter aircraft to citizens, "he said.

Stating that they made landscaping in Eshab-ı Kehf, Mayor Can said, “Our landscaping works have started in Eshab-ı Kehf. After 1-1.5 months, our citizens will be able to have a picnic on the tables. Our housing project for martyr families ended after 2 months of work. We have issued their title deeds, I hope we will hold the deed distribution ceremony this month. We develop the project by meeting and talking to our headmen and citizens and getting their knowledge about every service to be made in 45 neighborhoods. We, together with our colleagues, serve 7/24 without discrimination and by applying fairness, in line with the wishes of each neighborhood, and we will continue to do so ”.


Mayor Can asked for support from members of the press in order to put a certain part of the high-speed train project in the city underground. Mayor Can said, “The Kavaklı Level Crossing, that is, a crossing started to the place of the cemetery. Both Mithatpaşa and Yeşilyurt Level Crossings have no projects yet. As we have stated on every platform, we are not against the high-speed train project. The high-speed train project brings a plus to our city. We will pass from north to south of our city and from south to north by car. The vehicle passes under or overhead, there is no problem. Well, think about the pedestrian crossing. In order for our pedestrians to cross, it is necessary to build an escalator, just like we did for the Sunay Atilla Bridge. 7 meters 10 cm height. Everyone passes through the level crossing in front of the emergency to avoid climbing this ladder, so there is an alternative. Tomorrow it will close and there will be no alternative. Let's take a cost and take this high-speed train under the ground from a 2-kilometer ground, 1000 kilometers with a 7/3.5 incline. does. This is 3.5 km. Take it from under the ground, let the Sunay Atilla overpass be demolished, open it to the existing traffic plus let our citizens get on the train just like the subway. Let the Kavaklı be built again, but let it come from Mithatpaşa and leave the Kavakli level crossing again. We wanted a cost of this, if it costs too much, the state is our money, our government is our money, all of it is our state's money. We do not oppose this. They cite the Porsuk Stream in Eskişehir as an example, but the ground of the Porsuk Stream is marsh, we don't have a swamp here. Our state had a great financial burden in Porsuk Tea. You are right, but our ground is solid here. If necessary, let us help the excavation of the train as Tarsus Municipality and Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. If the train passes from the bottom, the upper area will be in the commercial area, there will also be a green area, while it is a place that divides Tarsus into two for years, it becomes the center of the union and the middle. If the train is underground, there is 100 decares of space in the upper area. I expect support from you in this regard ”.

President Can, 2017 to explain the services to be done in one by one, 10 January Employee Journalist's Day celebrated once again.

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