Signed campaign against the passage of railway from Belgrade Forest

A signature campaign was launched against the passage of a railway from Belgrade Forest: a signature campaign for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was initiated in order not to pass the railway from the Belgrad Forest, which is one of the unique pieces of the Northern Forests, and not to touch the Belgrad Forest.

The text calls on the açıl Dekovil Line in railway project, which is planned to be slaughtered by thousands of trees, to unite the natural integrity of the Belgrad Forest, and to open the new forests of the Northern Forests to open the new rent projects of Cendere Valley to Istanbul.

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The full signature text is as follows:

Don't touch Belgrad Forest!

We call on the people of Istanbul to claim the Belgrad Forest, one of the last natural forest areas of Istanbul.

İBB and business partners construction companies, which fill our living spaces with giant projects, turned their eyes to the life forest of İstanbul. The expanding concrete city is trying to build new roads by melting the last green habitat between the north coast.

Starting from the Golden Horn and continuing along the Cendere stream, the Cendere, which extends to Kemerburgaz, is transformed into a concrete valley with the Dekovil train line stuck into the forest as a dagger, is intended to be turned into a haven of rent until Kemerburgaz. The aim is to cut the biggest breath pipe of the North Forests into the city by the construction capital.

The ov Dekovil Line acı railway project, which will divide the last part of the Belgrad Forest, which will cut the last piece of nature that needs to be preserved, and which will slaughter thousands of trees, is one of the last crazy projects for the Belgrade Forest, although it is called nostalgic tourism. The eco-systems that become easier to destroy as forests break down; previously 3. Belgrad Forest, which is divided from the top of the bridge, is already injured. This crazy project is the execution war of the Belgrad Forest.

The Defense of the Northern Forests had publicly announced the issue and warned the authorities by making press statements twice before the IMM.

In this context, the following questions were asked by IMM and Pendik Municipality Council Member S.Tarik Balyali and CHP Istanbul Deputy Gulay Yedekci to IMM President Kadir Topbas at the IMM Parliament and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim at the Parliament:

- Was 1 prepared in February on the 6,5 km line in the Belgrade Forest of the Dekovil project, which is expected to be awarded in February? Which project is being awarded according to the project?

- Why trees marked on the line within the Belgrad Forest?

- Why are there wire fences surrounding the line in the woodland?

- Why can't we get information about the project and the project process?

- Which metro lines will connect the Dekovil line?

- What is the route of this line through Belgrad Forest? How many kilometers?

- This project will dagger into the heart of Belgrad Forest. How many trees are you planning to cut from the forest? Are you aware of the consequences?

- It is not clear what is to be done about the rail system in the tender. 1 Will the tender for this project to be held in February be organized for the whole line or the first part?

- What are the water resources, vegetation and living species of Belgrad Forest?

- What kind of planning do you plan for the forest area outside this route which will pass through Belgrad Forest?

- Has the opinion of the relevant institutions, organizations and universities been taken for the route to which the Dekovil line will pass? If so, how did they comment?

- Has an EIA report been issued for Dekovil line?

- Has feasibility and cost work been done for Dekovil line? If so, what is the result?

- Where are the areas to be built along the route to which the Dekovil line will pass?

- For nearly 13 years, groundwater and spring water are drawn and pumped to bottling plants in and around the Belgrad Forest. What were the negative effects of the water drawn from the wells drilled in the vicinity on the ecosystem? Is it true that streams of streams and streams disappear?

- What happened to the historical water in the Belgrade Forest?

It is clear and clear that the Dekovil railway line, which passes through the last two thousand hectares of forest area, which is said to be protected, will lead to the end of the Belgrad Forest. In fact, we are concerned that this project is the first step of the planned transport for the settlements planned to be destroyed by not destroying the Forested Regions in the North - the destruction of the Northern Forests will already be the end of Istanbul.

1 Ayvadbendi is one of the places where the station will be built in the tender specifications expected in February and is located in the heart of Belgrad Forest. However, Belgrad Forest is a whole with threatened water resources, natural texture, vegetation and living things. Belgrad Forest cannot be divided by rails, no matter what purpose. The vehicle cannot be switched on more. Istanbul's legacy Belgrad Forest is under the protection of Istanbul. You cannot pass the railway from the heart of the Belgrad Forest with a iniz nostalgic line kalb trick. (**)

We are resisting and advocating that the growth and development is becoming more and more concrete, transport network and endless unscientific projects.

No Belgrade forest, no water, no fresh air.

Throughout history, the ancient Belgrad Forest is integrated with Istanbul. The Belgrad Forest has aqueducts and valuable historical artifacts built by Mimar Sinan himself. It has a unique biodiversity and is one of the rare places where the people of Istanbul can breathe. Today, Istanbul's increasingly polluted air is cleared by the dominant winds from the north, thanks to the Northern Forests of which the Belgrad Forest is a part, and a significant part of our water is located and stored as rivers, streams, ponds and groundwater in the same forested areas.

It is a fact that there is no Istanbul or Belgrade.

We invite everyone to sign in order not to take the Belgrad Forest with crazy projects.

(**) The decovil line, constructed and operated between 1912-15, carried coal extracted from Ağaçlı to the center to eliminate the energy shortage. The tracks of this line were then dismantled for use by the scrap dealers and villagers. Over the years, 100 has completely covered this line of vegetation over the years, so that natural life has recovered itself so that it is almost impossible to trace the line in the forest today.

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