Supervision of the hidden passenger bus in transportation Kars

Secret Passenger Control on Transportation Park A.Ş Buses: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality carries out different applications for the comfortable travel of citizens in transportation. In order to investigate the complaints of the passengers coming from the passengers;


In order to provide better quality services in vehicles, the Hidden Passenger Survey is carried out on all vehicles belonging to Transportation Park A.Ş. Since the start of the application, a total of one thousand 119 times the passenger application was made. Application is still going on buses.


Undercover passengers travel at least 20 with maximum 60 passengers in the vehicle according to the routes of the vehicles. During this trip, 18 collects information by observing the bus on different topics. Then this information of Transport Park A.Ş. and the necessary work is done. To date, buses have been checked by 45 bin 160 for an average XNUMX passenger by secret passengers.


Generally; ventilation systems, interior and exterior cleaning of the vehicle, in-car signs, suitability of the in-house library, led screens, safety equipment, poster and notice screens, the status of the seats in the car, the duration of the vehicle stay in the seat, the use of the seat belt, the personal care of the driver, the driver's mobile phone use, driver's communication with passengers and other drivers, safe driving, disabled passenger, speed limits

left band violations and obeying traffic signs.

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