President of the ropeway

Gospel of the ropeway from Turkey Türder: Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, Sarısu-Tünektepe Cable Car Line is finished, the second stage of the West Ring Road will be opened within a few weeks, he said.

Speaking at the Consultative Assembly meeting of the AK Party Konyaaltı Menderes Türel, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Konyaalti district told the projects. Stating that an important part of Antalya's projects that will provide added value and added value to Antalya is in Konyaalti, Türel said:'n They also said that Menderes Türel did not serve the places where he did not vote. Children laugh, first look at a Konyaalti. Boğaçayı project that we will realize in Konyaaltı will change the face of Antalya not only Konyaaltı. They say that the Boğaçay project will benefit. With this project 10 thousand people will own business. From there 10 thousand people bread food. We are working diligently to finish the first stage until the end of our term. In total, we are talking about an 1 quadrillion investment. This 1 quadrillion investment tradesmen in Antalya, Antalya, Antalya, businessmen of Antalya, the night will be in the neighborhood of the market will enter the safe. Those who own the business will shop there. They still ask what are the benefits of Antalya with the same head. It is a pity. "

Ini The Tünektepe Project is a magnificent project that can become the new symbol of Antalya, ini said President Türel, who announced the completion of the Sarisu-Tünektepe cable car line within the scope of Tünektepe Project. From Boğaçayı to Konyaaltı beach project, from Tünektepe to hobievs, we will provide very important services to our Konyaalti. The second stage of the Western Ring Road is over. Had it not been for the rain, it would open until the Korkuteli Junction. His hand goes out for a few weeks. If it wasn't for us, it wouldn't end. Because 5 years of the CHP metropolitan city period, the nationalization of the fight between the two-party mayor of his own fight to fight that way remained. What a pity? Yaz he said.

Talking about Konyaaltı coastal project Türel: esi We prepared the Konyaaltı Beach Project together with the chambers of profession. We had a competition project, we discussed with the public. When we say we're going to broadcast our first tender, they all came out. They said that Konyaaltı beach cannot be closed. Neymiş sir The Konyaaltı coast could not be operated by the private sector. 15 year CHP municipality Konyaalti did not run a private company? The same, no difference. When they did the accident we made the penalty. I said that if our model is to close Konyaalti to the shore, you have made 15 its steep area for years. We are trying to create an opportunity that will provide more quality services to the public unlike. The free parts will be open to the public. There will be paid parts, but much more quality service will be offered. Who wants to close the people of Konyaaltı before the face will find me eyen he said.

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