There is no road to tram in Şanlıurfa

No Way to Put Tram in Sanliurfa: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci said that they will implement trambus and tram project in order to relieve the traffic in the city center. 4 said that they will change the system with the trambus and tram project planned in the form of stage and that they will provide service to our Şanlıurfa with machines that can take 400-450 passengers at a time with rail system and capacity. President Nihat Ciftci, the project will be implemented in the 2 month, the project is the hardest reaction came from the Chamber of City Planners Sanliurfa Branch. Emphasizing that the tram project is not suitable for Şanlıurfa's old built structure from time to time, Selim Açar, Head of Şanlıurfa Branch, emphasized that the tramway project is not suitable for Şanlıurfa's old built structure.


Mr. Açar stated that the return will be difficult in the projects to be carried out. We will be the largest of xnumx't in Sanliurfa in Turkey. Antep'i will pass through the population Adana. Well, now we have no way to get up and put a tram into the old ways of the city. There is a tram, turn right, turn left. These are always boredom. And this project is not an intersection project. So it's costly. It is a project to be done once. So we have no chance of saying 'not happening' in the future.


The 4 stage is expected, either by metro or by air. Without the pollution of the image of the most robust place to go under. Costly, costly. The mileage is 25 million dollars. Is it possible to finish the life of the person who lives apart. This is a matter of vision, now those who think are unable to do it. Only those who think of Urfa's future will do so. We say that 'we can not go anywhere, you are flying us' they say. These are such investments that they do not recycle. These are the future of the city. Bunlar


Speaking at the service ceremony of the new 20 vehicle, the Mayor of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Ciftci gave details of the project. The farmer says, “1. Stage 7 Mileage: Starting from the collection center, which forms the center of public transportation of this stage, 1 travels around Atatürk Boulevard, Divan Road, Dergah and Halepliyi. stage to be completed. We will start this project in two months. 2. Phase: As a result of the traffic measurements, we will complete our intersection with the intersection in the north direction and connect our Karaköprü district to the city center with a rail system. 3. Stage Akçakale direction: Akçakale boulevard now in the way of expanding the way we started our science department. After the end of the road expansion works, we will bring the President of the Republic from the meeting center to the hospital in Eyyübiye. 4. Phase: We are going to connect Harran University, which is a science center which is a very important note in the development of cities, to the collection center with a rail system. Etap

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