Minister Avcı, Marmaray works did not affect the ground

Minister Avcı, Marmaray works did not affect the ground: Culture and Tourism Minister Nabi Avcı, the Marmaray and Eurasia tunnel projects, environmental impact analysis and necessary reports are made before the construction starts, and then construction begins, so claims that Marmaray works cause the Topkapı Palace ground to slip. "Marmaray works did not affect the ground," said Minister Avcı.

Minister Avcı In the news in the press, Avcı stated that there is an indirect belief that the Marmaray and the Eurasia Tunnel works also have a negative effect on the ground mobility there, this is not true. All the scientific reports we have, the reports about the studies, do not mention such an effect. We do not have any scientific data about this effect, but you know, it is often spoken as an urban legend. Despite this, we will have the chance to measure what kind of ground mobility affects the region with the work we have done on those seismic wells. According to him, we will take the necessary restoration and other measures. ” he spoke.

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