Journey without Pants on the Metro in its 16th Year

18 of the trouser-free event
18 of the trouser-free event

The 16th “Subway Ride Without Pants” event was held in New York, USA this year. Organized by the "Improve Everywhere" group and spread to dozens of cities around the world, the event attracted great attention this year as well. Hundreds of people who participated in the 4th 'Journey in the Subway without Trousers' action on the subway lines, where 16 million people travel every day in the city, took off their pants after getting on the subway or at the stations, under the astonished glances of the people around.

Volunteers, who met in different squares in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens districts, regardless of the cold weather affecting New York, took out their trousers and placed them in their bags after getting on 5 different subway lines in groups. The half-naked activists pretended that there was nothing unusual, while the passengers who were unaware of the action could not hide their surprise.

The activists gave interesting and humorous answers to the questions posed to them such as "I forgot to wear my pants", "I protest against global warming", "My pants got wet, I got very cold, I took off".

The show of activists without pants, who traveled in New York subway for more than 2 hours in underwear, ended at Union Square. After exiting the subway, the activists continued to wander in the heart of the city with their underwear, ignoring the snow and cold, and continued their protests by meeting at the bars they agreed upon. Police did not intervene against the activists without pants this year either. In one of the past demonstrations, police stopped one of the train lines on which participants boarded and detained those without trousers. However, in the case filed, the judge ruled that it was not illegal to walk around without trousers and released the activists.

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