Why Metrobus is Going Reverse

Why Metrobus is Going Reverse: In our country, new roads, bridges, underpasses, overpasses and even under the sea type of passages are tried to provide relief in areas of heavy traffic. The general purpose of these studies is to both relieve traffic and shorten the distances by means of alternative means due to heavy traffic. Public transportation vehicles, aircraft in this area, which creates traffic relief and travel within a short time is located in vehicles. Especially in Istanbul traffic, vehicles such as airplanes, ferries, metrobus, trams, dolmushes are used, and every time a lot more traffic is relieved and some of these vehicles are trying to be relieved.

However, in this area, metrobuses are more important in the area of ​​public transportation and they move much faster and shorten the distance between stops. Those who are not from Istanbul may wonder why metrobuses flow from the left in the heavy traffic flow. It can be said that the story of these vehicles acting contrary to normal traffic flow is tragicomic. Metrobüs line to be used in the first time they were to be used in this area was planned to be taken from the Netherlands. There were doors on both sides of these vehicles. If these vehicles were used, all the vehicles in traffic would be gone right. However, the vehicles to be purchased in this area remained inadequate and Mercedes-based busses from the UK were preferred. Since the entrance of these vehicles is from the left, the metrobuses that could not approach to the stops had to flow from the left.



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