Mars Logistics chooses future logistics

Mars Logistics selects the logisticians of the future: Mars Logistics and Logistics Association of Turkey's leading logistics company (LOD) organized in collaboration with 14. The Intercollegiate Logistics Case Competition paves the way for university students to develop creative logistics solutions by competing as teams. Mars Logistics, which has been carrying out projects for the development of the logistics sector with this competition for the 14 years, supports the logistics professionals of the future.

Mars Logistics, which is constantly growing due to the differences it creates in the logistics sector and always aims to increase its service quality, is based on 14. The Intercollegiate Logistics Case Competition 2017 aims to create an environment in which investigative, curious and creative young people can express their opinions. By transferring sample cases to the students and developing case analysis skills of university students, Mars Logistics paves the way for new career opportunities in Logistics and Supply Chain Management for young people.

Final application 31 January 2017
Students, 14. You can apply for the Inter-University Logistics Case Competition until 31 January 2017. The competition introduces logistics and supply chain management to students who are in the way of drawing their careers through projects they will develop in teamwork, while offering a competitive environment where they can also re-evaluate their career plans.

Undergraduate and 4-year high school students with and without the logistics word in the name of the program they are studying in, and 2-year vocational high school students with the word logistics in the program can participate in the competition. The 14th Inter-University Logistics Case Competition where participation is free ve is Addresses can be made. The award of the competition to be determined by the jury members of the best project is 3 thousand pounds.

Mars Logistics General Manager Ali Tulgar, who has become a tradition now under the leadership of Mars Logistics, will be organizing the 14 for the third time this year. a significant number of our friends who participated in the competitions and ranked in this direction was to draw their careers in this direction. This response is very valuable for us. From here we understand; young people need to find and encourage the right areas to convey their excitement, knowledge and abilities. So far we have developed our projects with the excitement of inspiration from young people. 14. We are excited to be the first day of the Inter-University Logistics Case Competition. We are looking forward to the projects of our young people who are under guarantee. Tem

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