Significant development in maritime transport, UN Ro-Ro, Ulusoy RoRoyu buys

significant developments in maritime transport, UN Ro-Ro, buying Ulusoy Ro: Annual 322 thousand vehicle capacity 12 modern vessels are assessed between fleet with Turkey-Europe Ro-Ro ships intermodal transport engaged in UN Ro-Ro Enterprises Inc., a major development in the sector signing Ulusoy Denizcilik. UN Ro-Ro, which has signed a contract with Ulusoy Maritime Group for the purchase, is implementing one of the most important investments of Ro-Ro and the maritime sector with its contract price 215 million Euros.

With this investment, Turkey once again emphasizes its confidence in the economy, UN Ro-Ro, Turkey has been demonstrated its commitment to continue to create benefits in favor of exports and the carrier.

UN Ro-Ro Ulusoy Ro Turkey with acquisitions contributed much to the increase in the volume of trade with Europe, shipper UN Ro-Ro current Pendik, Ambarli and Mersin ports as well as appealing to the Aegean Region Cesme Port, the export can flexibility to Will have. Thus, Turkish export products will be able to reach Europe more competitive prices and faster. The frequency of trips from Cesme to Trieste will increase and new routes will be opened in Europe such as Bari and Lavrio.

In the field of intermodal transportation to the international road carriers offering value-added services to customers in Turkey UN Ro-Ro, Ro-Ro Ulusoy buying will support the increase of trade volume between Turkey and Europe.

UN Ro-Ro, which performs regular Ro-Ro flights from Istanbul Pendik, Istanbul Ambarlı and Mersin to Trieste and Ancona Ports in Italy, Pendik and France in Toulon Port with its 322 modern vessel fleet of 12 thousand vehicles per year, with the purchase of Izmir Çeşme Harbor on the 3 day of the week will take the flights to Trieste 5. In addition, the Izmir region will be connected directly to France with Çeşme-Toulon flights. The Istanbul-Cesme-Bari flights, which will be started, will start Ro-Ro flights to the southern region of Italy and an alternative route will be implemented for the Greek crossings.

Advantageous freight charges
After the purchase, UN Ro-Ro will carry the freight with advantageous freight rates over the Çeşme-Trieste line. Thus, transporters in and around Izmir will benefit from advantageous prices and value added services when using Ro-Ro and intermodal services of UN Ro-Ro.

2017, UN Ro-Ro's investment year

UN Ro-Ro aims to expand the Italian port of Trieste in 2017, to increase the number of trips to the port of Toulon in France, and to realize the increase in transportation capacity by completing ship extensions. two ships extension investments in 2017 will be held in Turkey. These projects, which have high investment costs and trust in Turkish shipyards, will be carried out for the first time in a Turkish shipyard, so that they will provide serious knowledge in Ro-Ro ship extension projects and Turkish shipyards will be able to participate in similar projects in the future. In addition, train lines will be added to the new lines of UN Ro-Ro, Italy, Germany and Benelux in 2017.

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