The last situation in İzmit Akçaray Tram Project

Latest situation in Izmit Akçaray Tram Project: Kocaeli Izmit Akçaray Tram Project, which is the most important and ambitious project of Izmit Akçaray Tram Project, is due on the official website of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

However, there is still much work on the tram route.

Does not reach the reference
Metropolitan Municipality, 3 On August 2015, the contractor firm held a press conference with Gülermak executives. As of today, 550 is the 550 day left at the end of the daily term. But there are still areas where the rails are never laid. Metropolitan Municipality officials, the trial expeditions will begin at the end of April announced. In this case, 3 or 9 constitutional referendum expected in April, the tram will not catch up.

Will it be delayed?
550 countdown for the Akçaray İzmit Tram Project from 3 began in August 2015. But the contractor worked very slowly. No work was done on holidays. When it got dark, the workers withdrew. Irregular, unplanned and loose work of the contractor firm delayed the work. Especially after 15 July, the business almost stopped completely 1 months. Now the target is to start trial runs at the end of April. But considering the state of the route, this term does not seem realistic.

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