Keçiören Metro to be extended

When Keçiören Subway Extends: Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak got on the Keçiören Subway, which was opened on January 5, sohbet did. Mayor Ak, who listened to the requests of the citizens of Keçiören on the subway, said that they had made a request to the ministry to connect the Keçiören Metro to İvedik via Etlik.

Mayor Ak, Yavuz Sultan Selim Boulevard and Keçiören Metro opening in the same time frame made the traffic very comfortable. The metro was the lifeblood for us and the satisfaction of our citizens is very high. However, Keçiören Metro is not complete yet. The line has additions. When these additions are made, he said, the subway will provide a more frequently used comfortable ride.

Stating that they have made attempts to extend the Keçiören Metro to Etlik, Mayor Ak, we conveyed our request to the Ministry of Transportation for the Metro to continue to the Etlik area and to be included in the subway. There may be another decoding tunnel path. From Şehitler Station, you can go to Aşağı Entertainment via Yunus Emre Street. It can be connected to İvedik Metro from Aşağı Entertainment ”.

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