According to the experts, the solution will not be a solution to the problems

According to Experts, Keçiören Metro will not be a solution to problems: Keçiören Metro will be opened after 14 years. According to the news of Ankara Evrensel, experts state that the ways of connecting the metro are wrong, and that there will be no solution to the problems.

It will be opened tomorrow after 14 years after the construction of the Keçiören Metro in Ankara. It is understood that when a rough calculation is made over the time since the construction of the subway started, 1.8 meters progress was made daily. United Transportation Employees Union (BTS) President Uğur Yaman stated that the line was planned incorrectly and that there would be no solution to the problems.

The Ankara Kecioren Metro, which was laid by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in 2003, was expected to end on 15 July 2005. When the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality did not complete the metro construction until 2011, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications decided to take over all the metro constructions in Ankara.


Uğur Yaman, the President of the Association of Compound Transport Employees (BTS), showed the wrong top and bottom crossings as one of the reasons of traffic congestion in Ankara. The metro line is also planned incorrectly.

Ecek The Metro will not enter the intermediate arteries that will transport the people who will operate in the main arteries to their homes. Buses and minibuses will be operated on the main arteries again. Açılan Yaman stressed that the difficulties to be experienced can be estimated by looking at the previously opened Sincan Metro.

Yaman did the following: “The connection paths of the metron are also troubled. Morning and evening hours is the confluence. They do not consider the comfort and safety of the passenger while doing. They do things for profit, and this is reflected in the public. President 'I'm going to manage the company, such as Turkey,' he said. Instead of providing public services to the public, they see the people as customers Kamu.


The total length of the subway laid in the foundation 2003 9 thousand 200 meters. 2003 5 has passed 40 days since 1.8. Assuming that the subway works every day, the progress of the XNUMX meter was recorded daily.

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